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“ You guys keep surprising me. Great tipps thank you”

Marcus Libel
Automobile Mechanics
Jason Marinado
Jason Marinado
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Wonderful Kitchen Slicer I'm a mother of three and still surprised until today how much time and money someone can save when using the right tool. I have to be honest, I bought this slicer kind of impulsively. But I was definetely worth it since it became one of my favorite tools.
Luise Maranello
Luise Maranello
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I cook with my son. Cooking and entertaining my 9 years old son has always been a challenge for me. I have to admit that I'm a chicken mum, and was always afraid that he might cut himself with any sharp tool in the Kitchen. With this slicer, it has been funny and entertaining to prepare the food together.
Julia Gauss
Julia Gauss
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I have been using this platform for a while now, because that blog article are most of the time interesting and guide me in finding gifts for my loved ones. Sometimes I also just happen to buy stuff for me. The Gift Finder is not super optimal yet, but I believe that the Cadomalo team will take care of it in the next future.
Tim Mendes
Tim Mendes
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Email from customer: ''Thank you very much Cadomalo team for the amazing customer support. When I realized that I might have spontaneously needed to move, I knew that I would need my order anymore. Thank you for making the cancelling and refund process smooth and easy. ''
Sabine Mueller
Sabine Mueller
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I'm a 59 Years old women from New Zealand. I used to like to do things the old way, as anyone, I tend to be comfortable in my old habits. My daughter bought me a Veggy Slicer from this plateform for my birthday. I was skeptical at the beginning, but I had to give it a try. Fast-forward, it was so great that I came here myself to buy another one for my 61yo friend. I think she will love it.
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