10 EMT Gifts That Will Save Their Day


EMT, EMS, Emergency Medical Technician, paramedic, first responders, medics. Whatever you call them, those in the profession are heroes and too often unappreciated. Let’s change that and show them some love with these EMT gifts to save their day!

Portable Food Warmer

A hot meal can comfort an EMT paramedic on a stressful night, and this food warmer gives them that. The warmer can be plugged into a vehicle’s DC power outlet and can heat leftovers and frozen meals and keep food warm as well. The warmer can accommodate many dishes, special ones aren’t required, and it makes a great Christmas gift. 

Key Rack

More than most jobs, EMTs can’t afford to be late for work because they can’t find their keys! This cute alloy steel key rack will ensure their keys are front and center. There is room for five sets of keys, and the rack can be used to hold other lightweight items like masks and lanyards.

Sleep Mask

Many EMTs work nights, and sleeping in the day can be challenging. This sleep mask will help block out that pesky daylight. The mask is adjustable and doesn’t touch the eyes so that it won’t interfere with REM. 

Waterproof Notebook

Like an EMT, this little notebook can take a lot! The pad is waterproof and can repel sweat, grease, mud, and can even survive a trip through the washing machine. Perfect for field notes, the notebook has 50 sheets of paper, and both sides can be used. 

Throw Pillow

Maybe all EMTs are kids who ignored their parents when they told them not to run with scissors. They just run with bigger, scarier scissors now! This throw pillow measures 16×16 inches, and the words are printed on both sides. 

Art Print

For an artsy EMT paramedic gift, a print is ideal. This print depicts the patent design for a vintage ambulance. The image measures 8×10 inches and comes unframed. 

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Whether they need a hot jolt of caffeine or a cold drink of water, this tumbler will meet their needs. The tumbler holds 20 ounces has a lid and straws. The emblem makes this travel mug the perfect gift for any healthcare worker. 

Noise Cancelling Stethoscope

Emergency medical services professionals don’t have the luxury of tending to patients in a nice quiet exam room. Things in the field can be loud and chaotic. This stethoscope has a noise-canceling feature that makes part of their job a little easier. The stethoscope comes in three colors and makes a great graduation gift! 

Emergency Shears

These aren’t just shears; they’re a multi-tool equipped with a strap cutter for cutting seatbelts, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench, and a glass breaker. Designed with a sheath, the shears can be carried open or closed. 

EMS Medical Services Flashlight

This Streamlight flashlight was designed by medical services professionals, especially for pupil checks and wound examinations in the field. The flashlight can run for up to 36 hours and includes a nylon holder that can be clipped onto a pocket. 



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