10 Unique Gift Ideas for a Secret Lover


Maybe it’s a clandestine affair. Maybe you just aren’t ready to reveal your relationship to your friends and family just yet.

Whatever your reasons for keeping things discreet, you’ll still want to celebrate the good times together, so here are just a few gift ideas for a secret lover.

When You’re Ready to Brave the Outside World: Wicker Picnic Basket Set for Four

You can’t hide all of the time, so when you’re ready to risk a public appearance, this picnic basket can provide everything that you need for a date in the park. Its large willow hamper fits plates, glasses, cutlery, and napkins in addition to an extra-large picnic blanket to spread out on the grass.

A cute checkered lining gives everything an old-fashioned charm, and it’s designed for four people, not two, so your secret will be safe. Your secret crush can use it for all kinds of outings, not just romantic dates.

To Harness Big Love in a Small Container: I Love You Projector Heart Necklace

With its shimmering, crystal-lined heart pendant made with rose gold, this necklace is undeniably romantic, yet it’s also something that she can claim to have purchased for herself. Only the two of you will know its secret: The center of the pendant has a micro-engraved message of love that can be projected on the wall with the help of a flashlight.

Even better, it declares its love in more than 100 languages, so there can be no doubt of your feelings.

Practical But Purposeful: Lock and Key Two-Pair Key Chains

Available in both copper and gunmetal grey, these key chains make a pretty set, and no one has to know their secret meaning besides their bearers. The icing on the cake is that this perfect gift is also quite functional: They’re made from a high-grade plated alloy that’s both water- and wear-resistant, so like your relationship, they’ll be built to last.

You could definitely do worse in terms of gift ideas for secret lovers.

For Him: Engravable Brass Compass With Leather Carry Case If you’re looking for a masculine gift, how

If you’re looking for a masculine gift, how about an antique brass compass with a handsome leather carrying case? You can even have it engraved with the text of your choice. A romantic option might be something like “I’d be lost without you,” but you could also opt for something with more subtlety if you’d like to keep your relationship a secret.

Who would suspect ulterior motives behind a compass?

To Connect on a Higher Plane: Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

If she’s the spiritual sort, she’s sure to appreciate the meaning embedded in this crystal tree decoration. Not only is rose quartz known as the “love crystal,” but it’s seen here blooming from a raw fluorite stone that symbolizes confidence, clarity, and direction, so it’s perfect for a relationship that’s still in transition.

One day, your love won’t have to be expressed through hidden symbols. It’ll be a proud tree growing tall.

For Impromptu Date Nights: Electric Wine Opener Set With Charger and Batteries

You can’t always plan romantic evenings with a lover that you’re keeping on the down low, but this gift will let you share a toast no matter where you are. It’s a portable, electric wine opener kit that includes everything from a foil cutter to two vacuum-sealing bottle stoppers.

The batteries only need occasional recharging, and it can be stashed in desks, kitchens, glove compartments, and more. You can break open the Chardonnay whenever opportunity strikes!

A Secret Worth Keeping: Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock

If you enjoy the secretive nature of your relationship, you can play it up with the ultimate puzzlemaster gift. It’s a “cryptex,” or a rolling wheel of letters that have to be arranged in a specific order to unlock its inner chamber, and you can fill that chamber with whatever trinkets that you’d like.

Give them a gift that’s as intriguing as their gaze across a crowded room.

When You Like a Little Sex on the Beach: 11-Piece Rose Copper Bartender Kit

This is another gift that’ll be great for sudden and opportune date nights. You don’t have to plan things out; you can just seize evenings together when they come, and this 11-piece bartending kit will be ready to whip out from a trunk or cupboard at any time.

Make all kinds of cocktails with its collection of attractive, smoothly-polished tools, and neatly pack them up again when you’re done. You’ll leave no trace of your rendezvous.

A Token of Your Affection: Heart Shaped Glass Jar

You have to be careful about mementos when you’re in a secret relationship, but this heart-shaped jar can pass for an innocent piece of room decor. It can also be customized with all sorts of treasures and keepsakes! Fill it with her favorite candy, for example, or pour some sand in it during a special date night on the beach.

The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

To Stay Warm on Cold and Lonely Nights: Adult Weighted Blanket Queen Size

You might not be able to share a bed every night, but this weighted blanket can bring comfort even when you’re apart. Its soft fibers will be silky smooth beneath their fingertips, and its light but reassuring weight will make the bed feel less empty.

If you can’t be there all of the time, give them a proxy to make do.



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