10 Gifts For Tennis Players To Serve Up An Ace

Have you got a tennis lover in your life trying to find a gift for? There’s a lot of racket outside the lines about the best gifts for tennis players. We’ve put together this gift guide to help you serve up an ace: Fifteen-Love, you. Don’t worry; I’ll stop.

Master Your Tennis Strategy Book

One of the worst things to happen to a car mechanic is fallen nut or washer through the cracks of a car, which can greatly delay an otherwise fast fix. This may be one of the best mechanic gifts you can get for someone who has to move around all the tight spaces of their ride (or others). Easily enough surface area to hold onto extra fasteners, drill bits, bolts, a bottle opener, etc. If it’s magnetic, it will stick!

Tennis Ball Scented Sun Candle

This candle smells just like a freshly opened can of tennis balls! Which is one of the best smells ever, right next to the new car smell. Get your hands on this funky tennis ball-scented candle reminiscent of fresh-cut grass and outdoor events. Check out the fun limited edition holographic label.

Hipster Ball Band

No pockets, no problem. This Hipster’s unique compression design holds the balls securely underneath the band. Hold up to two balls comfortably and use them for tennis or pickleball! This ball band makes a practical gift idea for that player in your life who doesn’t want to be distracted with pockets!

Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

Tennis players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit-scented bath bomb. These ball-sized bath bombs make a perfect gift for tennis coaches, players, enthusiasts, and even your opponents and doubles partner. Give a set of three, or take advantage of the individually wrapped bath bombs to gift them individually.

Hystrada Cooling Towels (4-Pack)

With Hystrada Instant Cooling Towels, it’s now possible to carry your cooling device wherever you go. A Hystrada Chilly towel and a water source are all you need to help you beat the heat in the harshest of environments. The innovative weaving design of fabric achieves its cooling power by drawing heat away from the body as water evaporates from the towel and releasing it into the open air. Thus, gradually reducing your body temperature.

Tennis Racket Wooden Salad Servers

Serve some knockout dishes with these wooden Salad Servers. Made from solid beech wood, these Wimbledon-worthy spoons are built to last. In a classic tennis racket design, you can serve up and smash a grand slam in the dinner party department. A great gift for tennis and salad lovers alike. Take these with you at a picnic, BBQ, or dinner party.

Durable Waterproof Tennis Bag

This waterproof tennis bag is the perfect tennis accessory for you or a loved one. Keep all your tennis gear dry and clean with this awesome tennis backpack! It has multiple pockets and an independent shoebox design to store all items like a water bottle. This tennis bag is the practical gift idea your loved one has been waiting for!

Tennis Racquet Keychain

This adorable tennis ball and tennis racquet keychains are the perfect stocking stuffer for that new driver! Whether you want to get one for an individual or a bunch for the whole family, this bestseller is a must-have! Do tennis pros like Serena Williams and Raphael Nadal have these same keychains? Maybe. Should you? Absolutely!

Serve Me Wine Glass

This Serve Me Wine glass makes a great gift idea for that BFF who loves tennis, wine, and puns! This stemless wine glass is permanently etched by a small family-owned company in the USA so it won’t wear out over time. It also holds 15oz of your favorite beverage, making it the perfect post-tennis treat!

Recycled Tennis Racket Bottle Opener

Head to the clubhouse for drinks with a bottle opener handmade from a vintage wooden tennis racquet and stainless steel top. Exciting and unique with beautiful textures and details, this bottle opener is perfect for preps and sports nuts.



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