10 Gifts For Badass Biker Motorcycle Riders Everywhere

The open road beckons us all to come and ride her. Well, Wait. Anyway, if you’ve got a motorcycle rider in your like who loves the open road, whether they ride a Honda sportbike, a dirtbike, or a Harley chopper, we’ve got just the gift guide for you! Here are 29 revved-up gifts for the badass biker in your life!

Dragon Motorcycle Pocketknife

This 7″ long personalized dragon motorcycle pocketknife makes a great gift idea for that person in your life who loves dragons and motorcycles! Each knife is exquisitely detailed and gives off a vibe of true craftsmanship. The dragon chopper motorcycle knife will be one of the best gifts they’ll receive all year.

Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

If you’ve got a beer drinker in your life who loves to ride motorcycles, then this vintage motorcycle bottle opener makes a great gift idea! Each time you crack open a cold one, you’ll be reminded of the nostalgic era of vintage motorcycles. Put a smile on your face today with this unique gift idea!

Muppet Motorcycle Helmet Cover

No pockets, no problem. This Hipster’s unique compression design holds the balls securely underneath the band. Hold up to two balls comfortably and use them for tennis or pickleball! This ball band makes a practical gift idea for that player in your life who doesn’t want to be distracted with pockets!

Bluetooth Headset

Tennis players of all ages and genders will enjoy soaking with this luxurious, soothing, fruit-scented bath bomb. These ball-sized bath bombs make a perfect gift for tennis coaches, players, enthusiasts, and even your opponents and doubles partner. Give a set of three, or take advantage of the individually wrapped bath bombs to gift them individually.

Creeper Garage Seat

This rolling creeper seat is perfect for the DIY biker who likes to work on his ride! With a place to hold your tools and a comfortable pad to sit on, the four spinning wheels will help you get the job done right and save your back in the process! This creeper supports up to 250 pounds, so, unfortunately, your mom won’t be able to use it. Boom. Roasted.

Harley-Davidson Zippo Lighter

This intricately designed Harley-Davidson windproof Zippo lighter is a great gift idea for motorcycle owners who also love a good cigar! Zippo lighters have been around for decades and offer a consistent flame as well as that distinctive Zippo click. Whether they enjoy smoking cigars or something else entirely, the Harley-Davidson Zippo lighter won’t let you down!

Balaclava Winter Fleece Face Mask

If you’ve ever had to ride a motorcycle when temperatures were low, then you know the importance of a good face mask! This windproof fleece head and face cover will keep you warm and dry no matter the conditions outside. Whether you meet snow or rain, if you’re the badass biker who rides no matter what, then this face cover is for you!

Thermal Waterproof Riding Gloves

Losing your grip on your handlebars because your fingers are frozen can be a death sentence for motorcycle riders. Give them the gift of warm hands even in the harshest conditions with these waterproof thermal removable motorcycle gloves that protect hands and fingers up to -30 degrees! Whether you’re in the mountains skiing, motorcycle riding in the winter, or just trying to stay warm during a sporting event, these gloves are a must-have!

Biker Alarm Clock

This retro motorcycle alarm clock makes a great birthday present or Christmas gift for the kid in your life who loves motorcycles! The vintage design is a throwback to a simpler time when alarm clocks said something about the person they woke up. This fun alarm clock’s creative design and plastic frame will add a fashionable and retro decoration to your bedroom, nightstand, bookcase, or desk.

Motorcycle Salt and Pepper Shaker

This cute salt and pepper shaker makes a fun stocking stuffer gift idea for that motorcycle riding family who loves to decorate their home with all things related to the bike! Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, birthday present, Valentine’s Day gift, or any other special occasion, this salt and pepper shaker will rev up their evening meals!



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